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What our customers say:


 It was a pleasure to be in your class - You really did an amazing job!  I'll be able to save 1/2  year of IT support by leveraging your tools!  

Excellent speaker. Real world examples and good activities within the session that were relevant and helpful.

One of my favorite workshops (from the conference). Love the content and approach. Excellent all around.


If you are looking to build a change capable organization, I recommend Michelle as a valuable resource. 

Dedicated, dynamic, change leader are the words that come to mind when I think of Michelle. She is a natural leader who has successfully driven capability building events for 100’s of people across our company.

Michelle’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she is truly a catalyst for change. Her project and change execution skills are outstanding. Beyond these superior essential skills, her sense of innovation and leadership excels.

The tools look to be very useful. The handout is also very nice and I look forward to the notes from our group work. 

Getting out of our seats to do group work was marvelous. The exercises were also quite good. Love the chicken one. Fantastic presenter.

There was a very positive response after training and a certain energy that proliferated throughout the participants. People all seemed to pull something different that provided an “aha moment” for them.