Mini Workout Detail

You Choose What You Learn


Module 1: Change as a Strategic Business Capability

  • Why Change Matters 
  • How to Frame Change as a Critical Business Capability

Module 2: Analyze Change Impact  

  • How to analyze, quantify and visualize change impact at the project and portfolio level
  • Analyze stakeholders to identify attractors & detractors 
  • Identify and focus on key agents of change

Module 3: Create Change Plan A

  • Define Behavior and its impact on Change 
  • Create Awareness for Change 
  • Identify and Mitigate Resistance

Module 4: Create Change Plan B

  • Identify Change Risks and Readiness 
  • Identify Adoption Expectations & Measures (with Behavior)
  • Plan for Change Sustainment 

Module 5: Execute Change 

  • Measure and Trend Outcomes
  • Optimize Sustainment 

Module 6: Close Change Effort 

  • Close Change Effort
  • Optimize Learning

Who You Are     

Change professionals, leaders and managers or anyone involved in organizational change. 


We believe learning should not be limited. That’s why we train how & where it best fits you. We deliver via the web , at your corporate location or at a public training space. 


Our content supports all change frameworks, models and standards.  

Want to focus on a specific project or program?  Want to include your organization's content? We tailor the content to deliver the most value for you.


$500/Participant includes program content and applicable tools and assessments. Volume discounting is available for groups larger than 10.  Contact us  to learn more.